These are some of the projects made by my wife, Bev, made at the NEWR.

These are some of the projects I made from the NEWR.

The 2005 relief carving project for my first time as an instructor was this sailboat from a pattern in Bill Judt’s book, Relief Carving Treasury. The original is 14″ but it was reduced to 8″, making it somewhat more difficult to carve, but also faster.   

Relief project for 2006 and 2007 is a modified pattern originally by L. S. Irish. I became just a little smarter this time because I made the pattern smaller (6″ x 6″) and reduced the area of the background to carve out, making it easier. 

For 2008 the relief project was made to be carved a little quicker because a good percentage of the pattern is on the top level, requiring less wood to remove, yet teaching how to made some objects appear closer than others in the same 1/8″ partition of wood.